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The Ministry of Excellence

Quick Summary

We spend more than half of our waking hours working. That makes our jobs one of the primary means by which we live-out the Greatest Commandments. But in order to most effectively love God and love others through our work, we must do our work with excellence. In this inspiring talk, I use compelling stories and Scripture to convince audiences that “the ministry of excellence” is our most fundamental form of Christian witness. Optionally, I am able to connect this speech to my popular Master of One topic to show the audience how, practically, we can do our most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others.

Key Takeaways

  • A deep understanding of how excellence reveals the character of God.
  • An appreciation for why anything short of excellent work is a failure of love—the very opposite of loving our neighbor as ourselves.
  • Optional: A practical framework for focusing on the work we can do most exceptionally well.
  • Optional: An overview of what science and experience tells us are the three keys to mastering any one thing, along with practical, actionable steps the audience can implement immediately.

Target Audience

Any Christian interested in how their work can be used to obey Jesus’s commands to love God and love others. This speech is perfect for Christian conferences, guest sermons, commencement addresses, chapel services, youth events, and prayer breakfasts.

Topic Authority

  • More than 1,000,000 Christians have turned to my devotionals, books, and speaking for help doing their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others.
  • I am the national bestselling author of Called to Create—one of the all-time bestselling books on faith and work—and the author of the forthcoming book, Master of One (Random House, 2020) which this presentation is derived from.
  • After studying this topic extensively, I made the decision to walk away from an amazing role as CEO of the venture-backed tech startup, Threshold 360, to focus 100% of my time and energy on becoming a more excellent author and speaker.

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