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My Latest Book

There are more than 60,000 time management books on Amazon. So what makes Redeeming Your Time different? 3 things.

#1: It is centered on “grace-based productivity.”

Nearly every time management expert says that the path to peace and productivity is found in implementing their system. This is what we might call “works-based productivity,” which claims that if you do exercises X, Y, or Z, then you will find peace. My book begins with the opposite premise in what I call “grace-based productivity,” which says that through Jesus Christ, we already have peace, and we do time management exercises X, Y, or Z as a response of worship.

#2: It accounts for how the Author of time managed his time.

Jesus was the most productive person who ever lived, and yet, I’ve never read a time management book that accounts for how he spent his time on earth. That’s insane! We’d be foolish not to study his lifestyle and the habits that led him to be so purposeful, present, and productive. You might not think the gospels have much to say about how Jesus managed his time, but trust me, they do. Quite a lot in fact. While Jesus’s context in the first century was quite different from ours, the principles of how he stewarded his time are timeless. In Redeeming Your Time, I will introduce you to 7 of those principles each mapped to 31 hyper-practical practices to help you live out those principles in the 21st Century.

#3: It connects the previously disconnected pieces of the time management puzzle.

Prior to writing this book, when people would ask me for advice on how to best manage their time, I would recommend nearly a dozen different books for them to read. Of course, that’s the last thing someone wants to hear. So why would I recommend so many books? Because while each of those titles dealt with a critical piece of the time management puzzle, no single one of them contained all the pieces and linked them together. My audacious goal with Redeeming Your Time was to zero in on the practices from those books that have worked for me and connect them together into a cohesive whole.

For the past year, I have been walking readers through advance copies of Redeeming Your Time, and I have consistently seen the Lord use this book to transform lives. This book can help you go from: 

  • Work consistently intruding on time with family and friends → Being fully present at work and at home
  • Feeling unsure if you’re focused on the “right things” at work → Being totally comfortable with what you are and are not doing at any given moment
  • Your day being constantly hijacked by bosses, customers, and co-workers → Feeling more in control of your calendar so you can get “real work” done every day
  • Feeling hurried → Being wildly productive without being hurried
  • Feeling overwhelmed with non-stop emails and text messages → Confining distracting messages to a time and place of your own choosing

Pick-up a copy today to see for yourself!

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