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Faith & Work

My favorite books on my favorite topic

Christian Living

The books that have been most formative in my faith

Top 10 Keller

The books I keep re-reading from my favorite author


My top recommendations for founders


My top recommendations for aspiring authors

Business Bios

The cream of the crop from my favorite genre of books

Christian Bios

The stories that inspire my life and books

Professional Growth for All

Essential reading, regardless of your vocation

Leadership & Management

My top recommendations for leaders

Sales & Marketing

My top recommendations on how to grow a business

I only recommend books on this page that 1) I have personally read and loved (or in the case of my Reading List, plan to read), and 2) I believe you will love. That said, you should know that due to my participation in Amazon’s Associates Program, Jordan Raynor & Company receives small fees when you purchase some of the books listed above.

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